Why You Might Be Grinding Your Teeth?

Protect Your Teeth From Grinding Them At Night

Are you experiencing discomfort in your jaws or jaw pain that is worse in the morning? Do you frequently feel an uncomfortable stiffness in your facial muscles? Are your teeth worn-down, cracked, chipped or sensitive? The symptoms indicate that you might be grinding your teeth. If you cannot recall any jaw clenching and teeth grinding, you probably do it in your sleep.

While medical science is still in the dark about the exact causes that make people grind their teeth, here are a few things that lead to teeth grinding:

  • Stress and anxiety – stress does not go away when you go to sleep in the evening. The muscles in the body are supposed to relax in sleep, but stress might cause some muscles, including the muscles of the face and the jaws to contract, leading to teeth grinding.
  • Sleep apnea – this condition is a sleep disorder in which the breathing stops and starts again several times during sleep. The process is associated with the partial blockage of the airways that the body tries to eliminate, restarting the breathing by prompting the jaw muscles to clench and the dentures to engage into a grinding movement.
  • Mechanical problems, such as misaligned dentures, broken or missing teeth.

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