When Is It Time to Get an X-Ray of Your Teeth and Jaw Structure?

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Getting an x-ray can be a good idea if you suspect that something bad is happening to your teeth. Constant toothaches and the presence of cavities will likely influence your dentist to recommend a complete x-ray of your tooth and jaw structure. But when else would it be necessary to get an x-ray?


X-rays are designed to provide dentists with invaluable insight on the state of your teeth. X-rays are high frequency light beams that are directed to your mouth. Because the light waves are of a specific wavelength, they pass through ordinary tissue and are absorbed by bones. This is why the skeletal structure appears white on x-rays, while the rest looks dark.


How often you get x-rays will depend on your dentist’s recommendations and on your oral health. Some patients will also be required to take x-rays more regularly even after a sedation dentistry Highlands Ranch office treatment is completed. This is particularly the case with long term tooth alignment treatments, dentures and implants, so that your dentist can make sure that everything is progressing as planned.


Additionally, it might be necessary to get an x-ray when you change practitioners. This will be required, so that your new dentist can be more familiar with your teeth and jaw structure, and be able to recommend anything from basic root canal to a cosmetic dentistry service or a good orthodontist.

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