The Principle Causes of Jaw Pain

Throbbing Jaw Pain Possible Causes

Throbbing jaw pain can make your days living hell – here are the possible causes of the discomfort:

  • Teeth grinding – very often associated with stress and anxiety, teeth clenching and grinding can occur during the day, while you are awake or at night, while you are sleeping. Grinding can result in fractured teeth, it is a frequent cause behind loose teeth and it is also stressful for the muscles of the jaw which become tense and painful.
  • Osteomyelitis – if your jaw pain is accompanied by fever and facial swelling, the symptoms can be caused by an infection that affects the bones of the face. Fortunately, in most cases the condition can be cured with antibiotics.
  • Dental problems – untreated tooth decay, dental cavities, dental abscesses and gum disease can affect the bones and muscles of the jaw as well, causing pain.
  • Sinus problems – though the sinuses are located in the nasal cavities, their inflammation or clogging with mucous can cause pain that reaches down to the jaws.
  • Arthritis – a chronic illness of the joints and the bones, arthritis can affect any area of the body, including the jaws, and should be monitored see a licensed Highlands Ranch dentist asap.
  • Tension headaches – this type of headache can affect the entire head, including the face and the jaws.
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