The Best Foods to Help with Oral Hygiene – What to Get and What to Avoid

Eating Right Helps Your Whole Body To Function Correctly

When it comes to the relationship between dental health and chewing and ingesting food, it’s usually best to talk to your dentist about the types of food you should avoid and the ones that are encouraged for healthy gums and teeth. Some foods or drinks, such as candy, soda and chocolate, can have a detrimental effect on your teeth from the very start, while others lack the necessary nutrients – such as calcium or fluoride – to help fortify your teeth as they should.


In terms of what to avoid, the list is simple: make sure you get rid of everything that has simple sugars, large quantities of saturated fats, a heavy content of white flour and highly acidic properties. On the other hand, you will want to keep the following foods close at hand:


  • Eggs, dairy and everything else that’s high in calcium
  • Lean meat, fish and seafood products
  • Fluoride-rich foods
  • Apples and other low-sugar fruits
  • Almonds, seeds and whole grains
  • Leafy greens and certain root vegetables (such as celery).


It’s also a good idea to avoid smoking, coffee and alcohol as much as possible. When it comes to tooth health, dentists who perform dental implants Highlands Ranch area say you’ll find that diet is almost as important for your teeth as it is in weight loss. Your teeth will not only rely on foods that directly support their protection, but also on foods that are rich in the essential nutrients they require in order to thrive.

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