Questions to Ask Your Dental Hygienist

Ask a Dental Hygenist

Whether you have been going to the same dentist or dental hygienist for years or you have a new dental care specialist, there are a few topics that you should regularly discuss with your care provider:

  • Medication – it is very important to inform your dental care specialist about any changes in the medication that you are on. Tell your specialist about the changes in your chart and ask whether the changes in medication require any changes in dental care.
  • New products or developments in dental cleaning – ask about what you can do improve your dental hygiene whenever you visit your dental care specialist to find out about new advancements in oral hygiene, also ask about dental implants Highlands ranch dentists are performing.
  • Conditions that your family doctor should know about – your dental specialist can discover signs and symptoms that might indicate other physical conditions that require medication or further testing by other specialists, so make sure you ask your dentist whether he or she has found anything of the kind in your mouth.
  • Ask about any symptoms that have appeared since your last dental check-up – ask about any action required by the gum bleeding, sensitivity in your gums or in your teeth to cold or to heat, dry mouth or anything that you have noticed lately and you consider strange or abnormal.
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