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Have you been told by a dentist that you need a crown but are not sure what it is or why you need it? Dental crowns can be sculpted to closely replicate the look of natural tooth enamel, while providing desirable strength and resilience. Porcelain crowns are an excellent choice when recreating the form and function of a damaged tooth, because a crown basically replaces the entire external portion of the tooth down to the gum level. Crowns are not limited to simply replacing the original tooth, but can be designed to create an even better aesthetic appearance.

If you have broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged teeth, a tooth crown may be the best option for you. Similar to both a filling and a veneer, the crown can both correct decay and cover damage to improve your smile and dental health.

At Heim Dental, we offer our patients porcelain crowns using the latest technology. The all-porcelain crown is then custom stained to match your other teeth.

If you are interested or in need of a dental crown, Heim Dental can help you. Contact us today at (303) 791-2570.