Can the Use of Pacifiers Really Harm the Teeth of a Child?

Can Pacifiers Harm Teeth

Pacifiers are typically used to soothe a crying baby, help him/her fall asleep or provide temporary teething relief. However, a trained dentist Highlands Ranch residence attend will tell you that the excessive use of a pacifier can lead to problematic habits, such as the infant growing up sucking on their thumb or fingers. And that’s just the best case scenario.


In the long run, the use of a pacifier can also lead to the following problems:


  • Infants are sensitive to the differences between breastfeeding and sucking on a pacifier. As a result, the constant use of pacifiers can often interfere with breastfeeding activities.
  • In most babies, pacifiers can lead to the development of unwanted habits and even distortions of the tooth and jaw structure.
  • Pacifier use can also lead to the development of infections, including middle ear infections.
  • Some babies can easily become dependent on their pacifiers, and you might find it very difficult to train them out of it.


Although pacifiers don’t pose any immediate danger – in fact, they can effectively soothe your child – there’s a lot to be said about having too much of a good thing. So it’s very important to train your child from a very young age to not rely too much on them.

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